(these are old gifs, but they have pretty lights so I thought I’d just use them instead becauseeee…) it is Alex’ birthday! :) She’s turning 22 today. (she’s probably singing Taylor’s song all day lol) Feel free to tweet her a happy birthday OR make her an awesome birthday gift and plegde for her upcoming album. She also has an exclusive prize up just for her birthday :)

happy happy birthday Alex, you’re such an awesome girl and I hope you have an amazing day :) we love you!


here are the details on how to be a part of Alex her album:

Go to Alex her pledge page and just take a look around. You can find all the exclusives here. You can totally pre order the album for only $10, but there are also some super cool prizes. There are 61 days left, so no worries if you need time to save up some money for this. You still got plenty of time :)

Also, a portion of your pledge will also go to an amazing charity, The Calling!

By pledging on one of the items, you’ll automatically get a download of the new album and access to all the behind the scenes fun!

The journey has just begun. Are you guys ready to come on the ride with me? #teamalexg

Took some time away from moving to film a NEW video w/ a new neighbor to feature! Have we found the next Alex G? You’ll have to wait and see! Whoo hoooo!#colorado #love #youarereallycoolifyourereadingthis#leaveacommentthatsaysheyifyouarereadingthis

I made that video right after midnight. I know that he played in cologne on his birthday two years ago! :)

march 12th, 2012 / berlin. tyler’s birthday.

reblogging this because it’s his birthday today and that day/night was pretty awesome :)

@blackprez & @eppicinvasion at the beech. These guys helped make my acoustic show this weekend so much fun! Excited to tour. #tylerwardtour