I know I suck at keeping this blog updated and I’m truly sorry about it. I hope I’ll find some more motivation to gif some new/old videos for you guys. :)



When I look at this photo,so many memories come back to my mind.
It was my first Tyler Ward concert. Actually my first concert at all. And I had no idea what to expect.
Looking back,I just remember being so shy at the concert. I only danced the Hoopty Hoop dance and that was it.
It was a great concert,but I wish I would’ve tried to go a bit nearer to the stage and you know,just have more fun.

The greatest thing for me about that concert was that I decided because of that concert to make a fanpage. And I can say without a doubt,that that decision was one of the best ones in my life. I’ve met so many people through this page and just so many things happened because of that page. And it made me more self-confident. Knowing that,I have got this super awesome,amazing thing really makes me more confident with myself.

Tyler,I freaking love you and thank you for everything. ❤️

(Photo creds to liegethigh :))

The fans have def made this tour special! Thank you for being a part of it!

Just saw that you gave me credit for a picture I didn’t take. :) I just uploaded it! Credit goes out to enemy.at! (Vienna, November 4, 2013)


Just day dreaming about you guys :) Hope you guys are ready for the NEXT SINGLE!!!! It’s gonna be crazy 😏 #LittleMissPerfect … Get ready!!!! Photo cred: @thekmart7


NEW video is here! One of my favorites this year! You guys made this one so special! If you like it, please share this with someone! Thanks!

Problem - Ariana Grande (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Iggy Azalea - One Less Problem Music Video (by Tyler Ward Music)

Anonymous: "are you going to make a post about the last two shows you went to?"

well, I didn’t plan to do so haha. I don’t know if people would wanna read it to be honest. and I’d probably only write about the shows itself and maybe about meeting him in a short form but not like “everything”.

Interview with Tyler in Amsterdam last year (November 8th, 2013)

PART 1 & 2